5 Easy ways to reduce waste around the house

Watching your impact on the environment and monitoring your waste is becoming more and more important every day, But for someone with no idea where to start it can sound like quite a impossible task. We're going to walk you through 5 Easy everyday ways to reduce your impact when at home. 

1. Understand the rules of Recycling. 

This is something everyone can do right now that wont cost them anymore more money and will make a massive difference. Right now only 11% of Plastic consumed in Australia is recycled. As for understanding how to recycle correctly this is different for every area, The best way we've found to do this is to search your local councils website they should provide the correct information. If you're interested in Learning more about Australia's Recycling Click here

2. Utilise reusable containers for Loose Food Items. 

You can buy a number of these Jars from Kmart or Clean out your already existing Glass Jars of Pasta Sauce or anything else once you've used them. You can now use these to stop having to buy single use plastics every week. Bring these containers to Grocery Store's like The Source or your local farmers markets ( even some Woolworths and Coles have brought in no waste food sections) and fill these with any goodies you'd usually be storing in plastic. Some good examples are Pasta, Rice, Nuts, Oats, Flours, Sugar, Lentils, Beans etc the possibilities are endless. 

3. Cancel any unnecessary mail or convert to email.

This one doesn't seem like a big deal but over the course of a few years will save a tonne of paper, Most Banks and Utility companies will be more than happy to send your Bills and Statements via Email if you give them a call.

4.  Start Composting.

Learning how to compost is a crucial part of reducing waste around your house. On average 35% of a household bin is Food waste which can be composted. In Australia alone every year over 5 million tonnes of food waste end up in landfill. Here's a simple guide on how to compost at home, If you're living in a apartment don't worry you can still compost too! Here's a guide on how to compost in a Apartment and Also one of our favourite apartment compost bins.

5. Learn to Repair rather than Discard.

Next time a piece of clothing, Pillow case, Bed sheets etc loses a button or has a small rip take the time to see if its repairable instead of just throwing it away.


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