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Arizonia Rose - Arizonia Rose

Aviva Parfumerie - Aviva Parfumerie

Bella Boheme - Bella Boheme

Belle Bohemian - Belle Bohemian

Billy J - Billy J Boutique

Bohemian Love Runway - Bohemian Love Runway

Bobby's Casual Clothing - Bobby's Casual Clothing

Butterscotch Store - Butterscotch Store

Ember and Ash - Ember and Ash

Frankii Clothing - Frankii Clothing

Frox Fashion - Frox Fashion

Gypsy and Wolf - Gypsy and Wolf

Gypsy Lane - Gypsy Lane

Gypsy Wild - Gypsy Wild

Heidi Beau - Heidi Beau

Hey Layla - Hey Layla

JoJo's Btq - JoJo's Boutique

Kai Lunar Collection - Kai Lunar Collection

Lilac and Mila - Lilac and Mila

Little Homebody - Little Homebody

Makoda Boutique - Makoda Boutique

Manfred Boutique - Manfred Boutique

Milou Dress House - Milou Dress House

Modabella - Modabella

Naked Gypsy - Naked Gypsy

Neon Collective - Neon Collective

Poppy and Pears - Poppy and Pears

Sage Collective - Sage Collective

Salty Crush - Salty Crush

Shine On Boutique - Shine On Boutique

Simply Fabulous - Simply Fabulous

Southon Styles - Southon Styles

Style House Fashion - Style House Fashion

SummerBreeze Clothing - SummerBreeze Clothing

Tasha's Topshop - Tasha's Topshop

The Sound of White - The Sound of White

Tonketti Trading - Tonketti Trading

Trottie Beck - Trottie Beck

Whiskey and Wildflowers - Whiskey and Wildflowers

Willow Blu Boutique - Willow Blu Boutique


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Our Jaase Tribe are committed to ensuring the best possible customer service. We are here to assist you with any Wholesale or General concerns and customer care enquiries, please feel free to send us an email with any feedback or queries as we'd love to here from you, as our tribe is determined to continue to improve our communication with both our wholesale and general customers. 


Australian Wholesale 

Note - Office hours are 8am - 4pm NSW Time for phone calls. 

Tracey -

Phone - 0413 350 536 

Email -

Bloom Management -  South Australia Agency 

Sara - 0430 513 211



Euro & UK Wholesale 


Email -

USA & Asia Wholesale 


Email -


We are here to help! Any questions let us know.