We're sooo excited to finally announce our collaboration with Rafiki Mwema which we've been working together on behind the scenes for months. We initially Discovered this charity through their Amazing Advocate Constance Hall once we found out what amazing work they do we felt compelled to get involved somehow. That's where the inspiration behind this came about. What if we could make a range where all the profits were given directly to this amazing charity? So that's what we did with the help of the Amazing team at Rafiki Mwema ( Thanks so much to Sarah, Claire and the whole Team in Kenya ) We've made something we're extremely proud of and think you guys will love especially knowing what you're supporting by purchasing items out of this range :)  



What is Rafiki Mwema?

Rafiki Mwema means 'Loyal Friend' and that is what we will be to these young boys and girls. The impact of sexual abuse and the profound lack of care and support for young girls in Kenya who experience abuse is heart breaking, compounded by the stigma that then follows. We have had little girls as young as ten months come to us after being the victim of assault.
Providing the girls with safety, love and therapeutic parenting is critical. However, without providing the same safety, love and therapeutic parenting to boys, we would not be dealing with the problem and in turn, disrupting the cycle of violence. We have 2 houses that for the boys in which we provide therapeutic support to buys who have survived the horrors of living alone on the streets, some boys from the tiny age of 5 years old. These boys have experienced the full horror of life on the streets and for many, this has included beatings, abuse and rape by both men and women. Life has taught them not to trust and without support, would likely to continue the cycle of abuse. At Rafiki Mwema, we work with our boys to respect themselves and others. We model positive behaviours towards women and give them the values to become safe husbands and fathers. We help them to understand that they are deserving of love.
All of our children live as a family, but in separate houses. They are therapeutically parented, using the PACE model and have regular therapy as individuals and in groups. They are supported to have safe contact with their families. They are loved and provided with a safe and consistent home, with adults they can trust.
We work with families, in the communities, with schools, churches, villages and with government officials to ensure the cycle of abuse is broken and that children are given the chance to live as children should. We are totally committed to supporting the children who have experienced things we could not even imagine and that many adults chose to turn a blind eye to.
We help them to heal their trauma and grow to love, be loved and become safe and loving adults.



I'd Love to Support but can't afford to purchase anything right now?

That's completely fine! we've been there ourselves before. Just mentioning this campaign to a friend or Sharing it on Social media or if you'd still like to donate but don't have quite enough for some clothes you can give as little as you like Here  


How much of the money will be going to Rafiki Mwema?

100% of our Net Profits will be going directly to Rafiki :) We will be doing a detailed breakdown of exactly how much money we've raised after the collection is released.


When will this range be released and where can I buy these items from?

We will be releasing this range on Tuesday the 17th of December ( Just in time for Christmas! ) Through our Jaase Stockists and through Rafiki Mwema Retail Store  . We will have a full Rafiki Collaboration stockist list by Tuesday Afternoon.


Will I be able to shop this collection at my Local Jaase Stockist?

We will be selling this collection to our wholesale stockists however the stock is very limited so if you want to be able to shop from your local stockist please let them know! 


 Will you be doing anymore ranges together?

YES! We're releasing another range in 2020 so make sure to keep on the lookout for that.